Originally from Uganda

Outreach Worker at Integration and Support Unit (ISU) of the Edmund Rice Centre, Republic of Ireland

Victoria's Story

To this day Victoria remembers receiving the positive news about her refugee status– the exhilaration and the relief.

This first step moving into Irish life was a difficult struggle. When Victoria’s status was approved after only 3,5 months from when she arrived, she was granted one month to find her own accommodation and leave the Irish state supported centre that she was living in. While searching for an apartment, Victoria would use the telephone to make an appointment to view suitable accommodation - but as soon as the rental agency heard her foreign accent they would hang up. Victoria sought assistance from the local community, and a Nun was kind to assist her with finding a suitable place to live.

Victoria had studied in Uganda and possessed a diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism. In Ireland, Victoria’s aims were to continue her studies, and to pursue a career in something quite different- social work. After an interview with the college’s career office they advised her to first apply for a foundation course in Humanities, Science and Technology to prepare her for the mainstream course. Initially, Victoria was not enthusiastic about the foundation course as it would delay her plans. But she found in time, that the foundation course was extremely useful in helping her to prepare mentally, linguistically, and practically for her subsequent degree in social work.

While studying, Victoria gained valuable practical and work experience by working in a hotel, a casino and also working as a receptionist. Later, with her newly acquired degree in social work, Victoria volunteered with the Integration and Support Unit (ISU) of the Edmund Rice Centre. A unit which aims to provide a comprehensive service to asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants in need.

“If there’s an opportunity, grab it. Get your face out there and meet people. Don’t sit and sleep in bed, build your CV”

After six months, a position arose within the organization and Victoria decided to apply. She has been employed by the ISU ever since and relishes her work, which provides opportunities for her to assist and advise other asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Ireland - people who share a similar story to herself.

When asked what she would say to someone embarking on their integration journey in Ireland, Victoria states confidently - “if there’s an opportunity, grab it”. For Victoria, seizing every opportunity was vital - “volunteering, getting out of the house, going to classes – get your face out there and meet people. Don’t sit and sleep in bed, build your CV!”

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