Originally from Afghanistan

Seeking Opportunities in the Constuction Sector in Belgium

Nazir's Story

In Afghanistan, I worked in my father’s construction company as a project manager and I was in charge of preparing the payroll for the employees. During this time, I had to speak a lot of English with international counterparts. Knowing English has proven to be quite useful, as English is commonly understood in Belgium. I have used my knowledge of the English language during my stay in Belgian reception centres and have worked as a translator to help other refugees, translating documents and conversations from Dari and Pashto to English.

One of the first things I did when I came to Belgium was to start learning the French language. I took French classes for three months. I regularly watch and listen to French movies and music; for me this is the easiest way to learn a language.

In my home country, I graduated with a degree in Business Economy. I wanted to get my diploma recognized so that I could continue studying at a Belgian university. Unfortunately, in order to receive a diploma validation, I needed an original document stating my degree, which I wasn’t able to bring from Afghanistan.

“Unfortunately, an original document stating my degree is needed in order to receive a diploma validation but I wasn’t able to bring this from Afghanistan.” 

Finding a job in Belgium is much more difficult than it was in Afghanistan. Here, everything is more official, you need a résumé, you need to prove that you have the right competences, and wait in line with all the other applicants. While in Afghanistan, you could find a job quite easily if you knew the right people.

I recently finished a three-month-long preparatory training in masonry at the Centre FAC - a Centre for alternate learning in the Construction sector - which will hopefully help me in my search for a job. I know finding a job takes time. I gave myself a few months to find work, but if I’m not successful, I will take the qualifier training in masonry and the corresponding internship. With the help of my social worker, I’m currently looking into possibilities for employment under the Article 60 mechanism, I am also continuing interim work and hope to further develop my skills through a professional transition programme.  I’d be happy to work in any sector, but ideally I would love to find a job in the construction sector where I already have experience. One day, I hope to be able to start my own construction company and employ competent jobseekers.

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