Originally from Guinea

Accounting Assistant in Belgium

Aisatta's Story

When I was 17 years old I fled from Guinea to Belgium on my own. It was very difficult, especially at such a young age; and it was not easy to orientate myself on the Belgian labour market. I attended several different trainings and courses, from a training on child-care to courses on becoming a salesperson, an office assistant and an accounting assistant. At the time, I experienced a lot of difficulties with the application process. Especially challenging were the recruitment tests and motivation letters for the jobs and trainings I applied to. I had no idea what the recruiters expected from me or what I needed to write down.

After following a preparatory upskilling training course as an Office Automation Assistant, I started the accountant assistant training at the company COFTeN asbl. This training enabled me to get my very first work experience in 2010. It was a one-month job, but I was really happy to be able to start working.

After this experience, I decided to start a bachelor’s degree in accountancy. In February 2011, while I was still studying to become an accountant, COFTeN offered me a full-time 1 year contract to work as an Accounting Assistant. After accepting the offer, I switched from day classes to evening classes, so that I could finish my bachelor’s degree while working during the day.

“I had no idea what the recruiters expected from me or what I needed to write down. It was difficult, especially at such a young age.”

During this time I also gave birth to my first child, which meant I had to combine my full time job, my evening classes, and taking care of a new-born baby. This was not easy and it required some very efficient time management. However, in the end I managed to succeed and I proudly graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy.

After finishing my bachelor’s degree, with the help of DUO for a JOB, I was able to find a job as an accounting assistant in a fiduciary. I am very happy with my current job, my colleagues are friendly and I am learning a great deal. In the future, my goal is to work as an accountant. I hope to work at a fiduciary with a long term contract and have increased client contact, as I currently mainly work with numbers.

My advice to other refugees would be to accept help that is offered to you. It will help you advance in your personal life and career. Once you find employment you can start contributing to the country that has accepted you - which in my view, is the best way to combat negative perceptions towards migrants and refugees.

At the moment, I am a happy mother of two and have a full plate of tasks! Once my children are a bit older, I might follow another master’s degree in accountancy and resume taking Dutch language classes.

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